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Partyfinances.com allows Political Party Committees, Candidates, and Treasurers to enter all of their contributions and expenditures in one place and create State Approved documents, spreadsheets, .csv and XML deliverables. Set up the forms that you use. Access State Required data and reporting documents. Save and Store all Party related financials including event planning, expenses and donations.

Partyfinances.com has been designed by an experienced Colorado County Party Treasurer who was tired of wasting unnecessary hours entering redundant data just to satisfy auditors and State Reporting requirements. As a software developer, he knew that there had to be an easier way. Over a two year period, the founder of Partyfinances.com built and tested the system to assure that the end product could meet the needs of all political party organizations. The founder continues to work daily to assure that individual reporting needs are monitored and added as needed.

What does it cost?

All subscriptions are used to manage and maintain the secure database and website. Organizations may use the system for a one-time annual fee of $250 per year or $25 per month, plus $5.00 per month per additional user. You may cancel at any time and receive a prorated refund (on annual subscriptions only). Setups are done manually to assure proper approval of users and security of data. In other words, not everyone can just sign up. An application must be completed and submitted to our office. You will receive a unique Affiliation ID that is required for logging into your site.

  1. Monthly Subscription (Up to 5 Users): $ 25.00
  2. Annual Subscription (Up to 5 users): $ 250.00
  3. Additional Users are $5.00 per month each.


Our top priority is the security of data. Encryption of personal information as well as a four-tiered login algorithm is state of the art for protecting your organization's data and the data of your donors. This site contains no financial payment information such as checking accounts or credit card data. Monthly and annual subscriptions are billed through a separate PA-DSS 3.1 compliant site.

Donations and Party Information

This site does not accept donations. Donations should be made through your party affiliation's website. This site is non-partison in that it does not discriminate against any Political Party, State or National Organization. This site does not display and political party data, policies, bi-laws, opinions, platforms or deciminate any specific political opinions.

FAQs and Tutorials

The Frequently Asked Questions Tab contains a section for new user information to assist you with seeing how the system works and what types of reports and documents the site generates. These are available to all visitors and there is no charge to browse the tutorials or FAQ sections.

How It Works

Complete Your Application

Fill out the application along with your organizations contact information, leadership, and type of organization. This site is designed primarily for political organizations and their specific reporting needs. Committees, candidates and PACS may also be able to use this site for reporting of contributions and expenses.

Billing information will be emailed to your primary contact after the free 60 day trial. The trial period allows new users to determine whether or not they want to make a financial commitment to the subscription services and obtain any necessary party approval.

Create Your User Account(s)

Each organization may have multiple accounts (up to 5), but only one person per party may serve as an administrator. Billing is currently per organization. Additional users (more than 5) will require an additional fee.

Each user must create their own account and link it to their organization's account. Once their user account is created, they must login to navigate, manage, and view the full site.

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